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Considering Becoming a Machinist?

Are you interested in cutting-edge technology and mechanical innovation? A career that allows for travel and high pay rates? What about combining computer software with hands-on work? If any of this sounds like you, then a machinist career may be perfect for you.

What Exactly Does a Machinist Do?

A machinist uses different tools guided by a computer, such as a mill or a lathe, to create precision parts. Nearly everything you see in the world contains pieces and parts made by a machinist. A machinist uses machinery to cut and shape plastics, ceramics, and metal. At times they will operate a Computer Numerical Control or CNC Machining. This high-tech piece of equipment makes precise cuts based on computer calculations.

Work Environment

As a machinist, you may find yourself in various work settings. Typically you will be in an industrial facility. There are also options for smaller shops. Exposure to loud noise and debris occurs. Therefore protective equipment and proper safety standards are required.

What Does the Future Hold?

As technology continues to advance, career outcomes for skilled trades in all fields, including machinists, will improve.

  • Within the next decade, the United States will need 40,000 machinists per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Pay continues to rise for machinists. The average income is $60,000

Contact MK Industries today for quick placement and top pay for skilled trades and machinists.

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