staffing solutions

We place highly skilled professionals across all industries. Whether you want one person, an entire staff, temporary or full time, our team of experts is here to match you with skilled professionals that meet your needs. Let us help you build the engaged workforce that will keep your company moving forward.


We match engineering and technical experts with top companies throughout the United States. Whether it is construction, manufacturing, or energy, we have the resources to find the right fit for your needs.

maritime and industrial

With a dedicated focus on the maritime industry, we bring over 55 years of experience and employ some of the world’s most experienced shipbuilding professionals. Our industry knowledge and speed of service are virtually unmatched thanks to our constant innovation and careful attention to best practices. Our close relationships with our clients have allowed us to remain an industry leader within the industrial sector and we look forward to continuing to serve you.


administrative and office

Our team will help determine your administrative needs and find the qualified permanent or temporary support staff needed to create or complete your organization.

technology and IT

We place highly skilled IT professionals across all industries to meet your needs, including those with difficult to find skillsets for your permanent or recurring technology projects.

accounting and finance

With our recruiting experts in finance, we deliver the talent your accounting and finance teams need to impact your future success.