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Harness the Power of Introversion and Become a Great Leader in Today's Workplace

Happier Human notes that introverts have unique strengths that are often overlooked in trade work environments, especially those that favor extroverted personalities. Many of us assume that leadership naturally goes hand-in-hand with being outgoing, assertive, and sociable. But the truth is that many effective leaders have a quieter, more thoughtful approach to their work.

If you’re an introvert seeking to grow in your leadership role, whatever trade you’re in, you have several distinct advantages that can make you stand out from others. MK Industries explores five strategies to help you unlock your potential and rise to the top of your field!

Be an Example Others Want To Follow

As an introvert, you’re likely someone who prefers to lead through actions rather than words. You may find it challenging to give presentations or speeches, but you can still inspire your team through your work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail.

Focus your energy on becoming a positive role model — showing up early, staying late, and putting in the extra effort to do the job right. Your colleagues will naturally be drawn to follow your lead when they see your commitment.

Get an Online Business Degree

If you want to build your leadership skills, pursuing an online business degree is a fantastic strategy. Online programs are excellent for introverts who prefer to learn at their own pace and schedule. By pursuing an MBA degree you can increase your knowledge of business, strategy, and management, along with learning about leadership, self-awareness, and self-assessment.

These programs can also provide an opportunity to connect with peers and professors virtually, which can be a less stressful method of engaging with others. An online business degree can equip you with the skills you need to excel in your current position, prepare for a promotion, or emerge as an influential leader.

Think Big

Introverts often have a unique ability to plan for the long term while maintaining a view of the big picture. Use this to your advantage by setting ambitious goals for yourself and your team.

Think critically about what you want to achieve in the next year, five years, and 10 years, and chart a course to get there. Remember to factor in potential obstacles, and determine how you measure success along the way. This will help you stay focused and motivated, even when

Have More One-on-One Meetings

If you struggle to lead large group meetings or give presentations to your team, you might focus on one-on-one meetings with individual team members. This can provide a more comfortable way to connect with your team and build trust and rapport. Use these meetings to give feedback, establish goals, and develop a deeper understanding of what motivates each person on your team.

Start a Business

Finally, consider starting your own business or side hustle in the trade that’s fit for your skillset to build your confidence and leadership skills. When you’re in charge of your own project, you have to make decisions, take risks, and solve problems by yourself.

SurePayroll points out that being a business owner can be incredibly empowering and help you acquire the skills necessary to flourish in leadership. Even if your business doesn’t take off, the experience and confidence you gain can be invaluable! Just make sure you establish the right legal structure; you can save time by having a formation service set up your LLC so that it complies with your state’s regulations.


You can become an outstanding leader in today’s workplace by harnessing your unique set of strengths as an introvert. Becoming a good example, pursuing a business degree, setting big goals, meeting with individual team members, and launching your own trade business are a few strategies that can get you off to a strong start.

Don’t see your introversion as a weakness. It’s a strength you can leverage to achieve your goals and become a person of great influence!

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