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How to Become a Ship Fitter? | A to Z Career Guideline

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

For the construction and maintenance of ships, shipfitters fabricate and provide the layout of the metal. They work for both private and public naval enterprises.

Ships such as towing boats and tugboats, containers, ice-brokers, and sea liners are built, maintained , and repaired by shipfitters. A well-trained fitter is a prime asset for the marine industry.

Looking for a career as a shipfitter? Learn more on how to become a shipfitter below. This blog post from MK Industry is a basic guideline on how you can become a shipfitter.

What Is a Shipfitter?

A shipfitter is part of a shipbuilding team. As a fitter for the ship, you must cut and attach enormous sheets of metal which form the hull or outside of a ship.

In this position, you have to have experience and training in welding. You will also have to operate with blueprints in a workshop atmosphere, cutting and welding metal sheets. You also need to work on the ship, frequently at high altitudes, to set the sheets into place and weld them to the ship's frame.

What Does A Shipfitter Do?

Those interested in becoming shipfitter should have some kind of expertise in building or construction before applying for entry-level positions. Some of those who work in the shipbuilding sector begin to develop experience and expertise as a shipbuilder.

A fitter carries out a highly strenuous job. They typically carry up to 50 pounds of stuff (23 kg) frequently. The task might involve a high escalation into the air to solder or weld metal to the ship's framework.

These personnel also withstand weather, from high heat to harsh cold, when they operate on drydocks. To become a shipfitter, a person needs to be able to squat, and crawl when making templates or sizing metal.

How to Become A Shipfitter?

Follow these essential tips to become a shipfitter:

Understand The Job Description:

Shipfitter is the term used by shipbuilders for a certain classification of maritime occupations. These experts are typically involved in the building or maintenance of a ship at commercial and navy shipyards. A shipfitter is essentially the person who combines welding abilities with the parts of the ship.

A Shipfitter draws, designs, and develops structural metal pieces, including flats, bulkheads, and frames for welding in the ship's hull. A high school diploma or equivalent may be required, and 0-2 years of field or related experience will be great.

Construction or industrial production experience

The overall building and manufacturing history is a solid start. Having experience with large-scale material will help you a lot. The large size of the shipbuilding process may be less applied by small-scale machining or other production.

Strong arithmetic abilities and reading ability:

Construction can also offer you a strong background with blueprints and construction plans, which you will need to study in order to advance within the job. Mathematics is also vital skill and required for this position.

Working experience in a shipyard setting:

If you have been to a shipyard, that will benefit you for this position. Shipyards differ, especially when one considers the unexpected nature of the sea. This backdrop might assist you in using your abilities better.

The ability to carry up to 50 pounds:

Shipfitting is all about hauling and assembling the ship's huge panels. Of course, it is necessary to know welding, but so is having the capacity to raise the panels.

You must be able to transport up to 50 pounds of material and comprehend the safety standards for this kind of work.

Scalability and compliance with safety requirements:

In ship fitting work there are other safety regulations that come into play. You will need the right procedure and security equipment to scale heights securely.

You may not be able to do the most critical task of the shipfitters job without the capacity to ascend or be comfortable at extreme heights.

Final Tips

Are you searching for a shipfitter position? Contact MK Industries for additional job information now.

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